EXPO Fitness Classes

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2017 Mind-Body Fitness Classes

Enjoy a sample of these inspiring practices for mind and body. Practice balance, find serenity and reduce stress levels through the gentle practice of qigong and yoga. Wear comfortable clothes and if you have one, bring a yog mat (we will have a limited number available) to enjoy these 30-minute experiential classes.

Classes will be held in the Fitness Room upstairs in the Clemente Center.





Qigong for Panic Attacks & Insomnia -  This class will explore different methods for reducing the symptoms and causes for panic attacks and insomnia. Three styles of qigong will be explored: Fragrance, Sun Moon Hands, and Northern Dragon.

Presented by the Vero Beach Qigong Society Instructors, 772-453-6449, TheCloudwalker.com


Power of Opposites - Creating harmony and balance with Hatha yoga. Sun Salutations energize, stretch and strengthen all major muscle groups. Moon Salutations is a series of poses performed in a particular sequence to create a cooling flow of movement. For all levels.

Presented by Merritt Island Yoga Studio, 321-652-1258, MerrittIslandYogaStudio.com.


Align and Shine - Yoga for all levels with Kellie Vallianos. Learn a few key Yoga poses and refine your alignment to ensure knees, hips and lower back are healthy and pain free. Great for beginners and chronic chair sitters.

Presented by Innovation Yoga, 321-428-4888, InnovationYogaLLC.com

Visit Innovation Yoga in the Exhibit Hall to learn more and a chance to win their door prize!


Gentle Hatha Yoga - Class will focus on gentle Hatha yoga with Laura Crawford. Warming tight muscles and finding full range of motion of joints. This class is good for all levels.

Presented by Essential Yoga, 321-773-6458.