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Magazine Calendar Listings

Natural Awakenings offers two different calendars – our magazine calendar and our website calendar. Both are wonderful resources to help fill your next workshop or event.


MAGAZINE CALENDAR - 10th of the month deadline

FREE MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS: If you are a current print magazine advertiser or distribution site, you may be entitled to Free Magazine Calendar Listings. Click the link below to see Calendar Submission Guidelines and to submit an event.

Non-profit organizations are given free calendar listings for most events that are not major fund raisers. Please submit your non-profit events through Free Magazine Calendar Listings for approval.

          Click here to submit FREE  MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS.

PAID MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS: If you are not currently a magazine advertiser or distribution site, click below to learn about the paid calendar options. You may want to consider becoming a regular advertiser. Our rates are very affordable and start as low as $45 per month. Contact us for details.

          Click here to submit PAID MAGAZINE CALENDAR LISTINGS.

ONLINE CALENDAR - can be submitted any time (no deadline)

You are entitled to the number of Free Online Calendar Listings equal to the number of print magazine calendar listings you have, paid or free. If you have five magazine calendar listings, you get five free online calendar listings. If you are an online advertiser, you may submit online listings for approval.

          Click here to submit ONLINE CALENDAR LISTINGS.